Vaguely Vinous is a tasting note that I’ve taken to mean, sort of wine-ish. As a wine-descriptor it isn’t terribly helpful, but as a blog name it suits this one well. Five years ago I was a Web Developer living in London, UK and now I’m a Sommelier, Mum and wine-bar owner living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Consequently, most things in my life have taken on a vaguely vinous quality, connection or spin. I write about those things here.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Andrew Martin said

    Nice blog, all interesting stuff.
    Where did you move to NS from? I’ve recently moved there from the UK and am interested in going down the same road but have found ‘interesting’ wine very limited in Nova Scotia. With resources of examples so limited, especially from the old world, I’ve not found it a great place to earn good experience.
    Ron, from Port of Wines, is a great resevoir of knowledge (and very nice guy) but because he and the other ’boutique’ liquor stores have their supply so strangled by the NSLC, the practicalities are limited.
    Any tips on getting the interesting stuff?

    • Hi Andrew,

      I also moved from the UK (London), though I’m a native Canadian.
      No question – selection here is limited, but it is growing, and at a pretty steady pace to meet demand (which is also on the increase).
      Re getting more interesting stuff, apart from hopping over to another province (Quebec or NL) or joining a club like Opimiam, what you see in the local shops is pretty much what you get – but there is always new stuff coming in. Going to in-store tastings every now & then is a good way to try the more obscure and talk to the people who get the wines in. Premier Wines & Spirits, Bishops & POW all hold regular, affordable tastings and I’ve found them to be pretty good for discovering new stuff. Join their mailing lists!
      Hope that helps…

  2. Peter said


    I have read some of your stuff and wondered if you would be interested in writing for a new blog and am developing on my wine website. I am looking for a series of wine experts to write unique content for my site, and so as to maintain interesting current wine related content for users to read.

    Kind regards

  3. Chris said

    Hi Heather. I am looking to talk with you about the wine bar for a story to appear in Atlantic Restaurant News. Here’s my contact email or 800-201-8596 ext 226. Thanks.

  4. Ivan Stephen said

    You’re absolutely right. I’ve chatted with Jancis via email about this, and told her that most Canadians have no idea whatsoever, even if they are committed local food activists, or have taken higher-level wine courses. (Wine education usually ignores the bulk wine industry).

    The UK also has a similar product type, known as “British wine”. It is in no way similar to “English wine”.

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